Hiphop style dance act by B4D


Beste Hip Hop School van’t stad


Package 1:

Hiphop style dance act by B4D.

A professional dance act urban/hiphop style male and female that will liven up your event or party.

Package 2:
Hiphop style dance group B4D including DJ.
We provide a professional dance act in urban/hiphop style, accompanied by an seasoned DJ to compliment the style.

Package 3:
Full entertainment pack.
A live singing act, with a professional dancing act in urban/hiphop style, accompanied by a DJ.

Package 4:

Singing group
A live singing group, African music, or reggae-styled accompanied by live music.
Hot beats with mesmerizing singing to get your party crowd dancing all night.

Package 5:

Wedding/private event DJ,
A professional open format DJ, with music tailor fit to your event, whether it’s a Wedding birthday party, graduation party, bar mitzvah, or even a Quinceañera.
We can provide a fitting DJ to match your needs.

Package 6:

(corporate) Event DJ (with optional dance act)
When you need a DJ to help you celebrate the opening of a new store, or for background music at fairs, meeting ups, a summer party, winter party or any corporate event of any kind? We are exactly what you need to make it work.
We provide you with an open format DJ and provide music that’s tailor fit to your needs.
Make an impression and add the right kind of music to your event with one of our professionals.
A professional dance act is also available to make your look even better.